[3HMesulergine An Interesting Molecule 121 CU32085 A Semisynthetic Ergot Compound

It is in this conceptual environment that the discovery of the 5-HT1C (later 5-HT2C) receptors took place at Sandoz (now Novartis) in Basel, Switzerland. Sandoz had a long tradition of working with ergot derivatives with multiple useful pharmacological activities. Semisynthetic ergot compounds were being developed at the end of the seventies in many therapeutic areas. One of those was CU32085, also known as mesulergine. This compound presented interesting dopaminomimetic activities in animal models and was being developed as an antiparkinsonian drug. Binding studies carried out by Annemarie Closse at Daniel Hauser's group, with the technical help of Armand Wanner, using [3H]mesulergine, surprisingly showed a potent binding of this compound to 5-HT2 receptors in the rat brain (Closse 1983).

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