Discovery of 5HT

In rat cortex [3H]mesulergine-labeled sites with a profile indistinguishable to that of [3H]ketanserin-labeled sites (thus 5-HT2), whereas in porcine and human cortex, [3H]mesulergine binding sites were different from [3H]ketanserin-labeled sites. On the other hand, in the choroid plexus of the three species, [3H]mesulergine binding was different from 5-HT2 but equivalent to [3H]5-HT- and [3H]LSD-labeled sites. These sites were named 5-HT1C since our results clearly demonstrated that they were also different from the 5-HT1A and 5-HT1B subtypes, already well characterized as separate entities at that time in our labs, and since they were labeled by [3H]5-HT, the prototypical 5-HT1 radioligand at that time. Obviously, as more receptor families appeared, it became clear that [3H]5-HT was by no means specific for the 5-HT1 family (Hoyer et al. 1994).

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