HT2C Receptors and Neuropeptidergic Neurons

In nucleus accumbens and striatum, 5-HT2C receptor mRNA was found localized with each of the neuropeptides (enkephalin, substance P, and dynorphin) as shown by Ward and Dorsa (Ward and Dorsa 1996). The level of colocalization was similar among the three neuropeptides but varied by region: high levels of colocalization were observed (from 64% to 89%) ventrally, medially and scattered in patches with high expression of the receptor in the striatum, whereas lower levels of colocaliza-tion (43-54%) were observed in matrix-like areas of lower receptor expression. According to the authors this colocalization could provide an anatomical basis for earlier observations that alterations in serotonergic input can lead to changes in the levels of striatal neuropeptides (Kondo et al. 1993).

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