New 5HTRelated Site

Thus, while one could expect some 5-HT2 labeling as well as dopamine D2 labeling with [3H]mesulergine, our first autoradiograms (probably developed in haste) were pointing to a very different pattern. Simple blockade studies suggested that we were in the presence of a "new 5-HT-related site."

Those preliminary autoradiographic studies were further confirmed by Angel Pazos (AP), a postdoctoral fellow who had just joined the JMP group, together with Roser Cort├ęs, a Ph.D. student at the same laboratory. The striking results were first presented at a meeting of the British Pharmacological Society in 1984 in Birmingham and received with amused commentaries from the establishment. It is noteworthy that these were also the days where comments about "the binding of pepperoni to pizza" were made in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (Guth 1982). Nevertheless, a full description of the pharmacological profile and characteristics of 5-HT1C receptors was published at the end of the year in the European Journal of Pharmacology, and their detailed anatomical distribution compared with 5-HT1A and 5-HT1B and 5-HT2 receptors was published 1 year later in Brain Research. Those studies have been cited extensively (Pazos et al. 1984a, 1985; Pazos and Palacios 1985).

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