The Cloning of 5HT2C Receptor Bye Bye 5HT1C 181 The 5HT2C Receptor Signal Transduction

Around that time, it became clear that 5-HT2 receptors were acting via the PLC/ PKC/calcium pathway (whereas 5-HT1 receptors were modulating cAMP production), and since there was no evidence for cAMP modulation in the choroid plexus (Palacios et al. 1986), we searched and found that modulation: PLC, which was indeed positive for 5-HT1C, as did others (Hoyer et al. 1989; Conn et al. 1986). We also suggested that 5-HT1C receptors were present in the stomach fundus and attempted to correlate both activities (5-HT1C binding and 5-HT-mediated contraction of the fundus). However, this is another story since it was the 5-HT2B receptor that is expressed in the fundus (Foguet et al. 1992a, b).

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Defeat Drugs and Live Free

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