The Profiles of [3Hmesulergine [3H5HT and [3HLSD in the Choroid Plexus Membranes

Thus, we compared the profiles of [3H]mesulergine, [3H]5-HT, and [3H]LSD in the plexus membranes. The very first studies with [3H]mesulergine added an additional surprise to the story. We found that mesulergine had a peculiar and unique binding profile in the choroid plexus but that its pharmacology in the brain across various species was not overlapping. Species differences, a new feature in receptor studies, which was to appear repeatedly afterwards in the serotonin receptor field, made its first appearance adding further complexity to the field until it was recognized that such differences are real and dictated by the gene structure of these receptors (Hartig et al. 1996; Hoyer and Middlemiss 1989). After obtaining the initial data with [3H]mesul-ergine, the three of us spent many hours (in the labs and also at the canteen) talking about what kind of experiments (at that phase, focusing on binding to membranes and sections) had to be carried out, and which compounds - both labeled and unlabeled -were the best ones to define the new site, especially with respect to the classical 5-HT2 site, which was disturbingly close to 5-HT1C, depending on the tools used.

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