■mm calculated assuming log Pu -4.8

and log Pe -7.1 when log Kp is zero O 100% dodecane # 2% DOPC, 98% dodecane

(b) Permeability and Lipophilicity

Figure 7.22 Lipophilic nature of membrane retention, log(%R) versus octanol-water apparent partition coefficient, pH 7.4, neutral lipid models.

corresponding to where log is zero (approximately equal to the Pe of metoprolol in 2% DOPC). Although the scatter of points is considerable, the pattern of the relationship between log Pe and log best resembles the hyperbolic plot in Fig. 7.19b, with diffusion-limited (UWL) permeabilities for log > 2 and membrane-limited permeabilities for log < 1. (We discuss the UWL further Section 7.7.6.)

TABLE 7.5 Neutral Lipid PAMPA Models, pH 7.4a
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