Info Lipophilicity and Decrease in Permeability with Increased Phospholipid Content in Dodecane

Figures 7.31a-c clearly show that after some critical soy content in dodecane, Pe values decrease with increasing soy, for both sink and sinkless conditions. [This is not due to a neglect of membrane retention, as partly may be the case in Fig. 7.23; permeabilities here have been calculated with Eq. (7.21).] Section 7.6 discusses the Kubinyi bilinear model (Fig. 7.19d) in terms of a three-compartment system: water, oil of moderate lipophilicity, and oil of high lipophilicity. Since lipo-some(phospholipid)-water partition coefficients (Chapter 5) are generally higher than alkane-water partition coefficients (Chapter 4) for drug-like molecules, soy lecithin may be assumed to be more lipophilic than dodecane. It appears that the increase in soy concentration in dodecane can be treated by the Kubinyi analysis. In the original analysis [23], two different lipid phases are selected at a fixed ratio (e.g., Fig. 7.20), and different molecules are picked over a range of lipophilicities.

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