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The Fungus key pro is a product that provides detail and the procedures that one would follow to create their homemade foot and toenail fungus treatment. The product provides the symptoms to look out for and offers some ideas on areas to avoid, and what to do in case someone falls into a victim or notice this symptom. The product also speaks on the linkage between athlete feet and the nail fungus which make the product so useful to go for, and it also goes ahead and offers valuable advice on how to improve overall health issues and help your body to fight off all parasite and ailment. This product is design to help people, both male and female to easily manage toe and nail fungus, without poisoning their body with dangerous chemicals. It also provides the reason why the disease is prevalent in a certain age group, Fungus Key Pro offers a natural way to get rid of the nasty fungal infection within 14 days. Read more here...

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Fungus Protocol

Fungal infection can be so stubborn and difficult to be treated. Which is what triggered the interest of Hans Frieder to write a digital online training course known as 'Fungus Protocol. The steps in this protocol are carefully researched and analyzed to ensure its accuracy and to ensure that it works on everybody suffering from nail fungal infection or skin fungal disease. As of today, it is the only holistic protocol that can help treat all forms of fungal mould infection. This guide, unlike any other conventional fungal treatment, helps not just to treat the surface of the infection, but to heal you from the inside out as fast as fourteen (14) days. Its application is also very easy and anyone can use it. The side effect recorded from the protocol illustrated is very minimal, and a clinical trial has shown that it poses no serious health problem. This makes it unique from the compounded fungal treatment. Read more here...

Fungus Protocol Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Hans Frieder
Price: $37.00

Nail Fungus Revealed

This is completely natural, devastatingly effective, and super fast fungus removal program. Rather than just treating the symptoms temporarily, you'll be sending fungus killers directly to the source and eliminating the problem once and for all. Here's a little preview of what you'll discover inside Nail Fungus Revealed: One simple technique that will allow you to start seeing drastic results in the first week! The physician's secret to getting fungus killers directly to the nail bed where the fungus thrives. Three super effective holistic remedies that attack and eliminate nail fungus from the inside without any liver harm or other side effects! An ultra strong fungus destroyer that is probably in your house right now! An extremely easy diet program that starves fungus to death in a matter of weeks! The tested and proven routine that can increase the effectiveness of topical treatments by 10x. Read more here...

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Author: Emily Allenson
Official Website:
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Toenail Fungus Cure

The Toenail Fungus Removal Guide Reveals: Items needed to remove the fungus from your toenails. These are safe, inexpensive items you can get in any drug store. You will probably already have most of these in your home. Easy to follow,step by step. photo instructions showing how to apply the treatment to your toenails and how to get the best results. These instructions are so easy to understand even a third-grader could do it! You can download your copy of the Guide RIGHT NOW so you can begin treating your Toenail Fungus Infection TODAY. (NO waiting for deliveries and NO shipping or handling charges) You will be amazed and pleasantly surprised how quickly and effectively this method removes the fungus from your nails.

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Nail That Fungus Forever

Here's The Proven Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus Treatment That Starts To Work in 24 Hours Or Less. Heres More of What You'll Learn When You Read Nail That Fungus Forever: How Fungus Takes HoldCan You Stop It? (See Pg. 4) The Top Prescription Drugs from the Drug Companies Caution Advised! (Pg. 6) Our Top Two, Low Cost, No Risk Natural Solutions (Pg. 10) Day By Day Treatment TechniqueWhat To Do, When and How (Pg. 16) The Two Cardinal Rules of Treating Nail Fungus Now and Forever (Pg. 21) Ten Little Known Gotcha's That Can Trip You Up (Pg. 23) Clinical Studies With Results That May Surprise You (Pg. 30) Quick Review of The Top Home RemediesThose that Work and Those that Just Aren't Worth Your Time (Pg. 38) Fungus-Fighting Foods, Vitamins and Activities (Pg. 43).

Nail That Fungus Forever Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Bill
Official Website:
Price: $19.75


ABSORPTION, DISTRIBUTION, AND EXCRETION Itraconazole (sporonox) is available as a capsule and solutions for oral or intravenous administration. The capsule is better absorbed with food, but the oral solution is better absorbed in the fasting state and provides peak plasma concentrations that are > 150 of those obtained with the capsule. Both the oral solution and intravenous formulations are solubilized in a 40 1 weight ratio of Itraconazole and its active metabolite hydroxy-itraconazole are > 99 bound to plasma proteins and neither appears in urine or CSF. The t1 2 of itraconazole is 30 hours steady-state levels are not reached for 4 days (7 days for hydroxy-itraconazole) thus, loading doses are used when treating deep mycoses. Severe liver disease increases itraconazole plasma concentrations. Itraconazole should not be used for onychomycosis during pregnancy or in women contemplating pregnancy (category C).

Therapeutic Uses

Oral itraconazole is the drug of choice for patients with indolent, nonmeningeal infections due to B. dermatitidis, H. capsulatum, P. brasiliensis, and C. immitis and also is useful for indolent invasive aspergillosis outside the CNS, particularly following initial therapy with amphotericin B. The intravenous formulation is approved for the initial 2 weeks of therapy with blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, and indolent aspergillosis, and for empirical therapy of febrile neutropenic patients not responding to antibiotics and at high risk of fungal infections. The intravenous route is most appropriate for patients unable to tolerate oral drug or unable to absorb itraconazole because of decreased gastric acidity. Approximately half the patients with distal subungual onychomycosis respond to itraconazole. Although not approved, itraconazole is a reasonable choice for pseudallescheriasis, as well as cutaneous and extracutaneous sporotrichosis, tinea corporis, and extensive tinea versicolor....


Terbinafine (lamisil), given as one 250-mg tablet daily, is at least as effective for nail onychomycosis as 200 mg daily of itraconazole, and slightly more effective than pulse itraconazole therapy. Treatment typically is for 3 months. Although not approved for this use, terbinafine (250 mg daily) also is effective in ringworm elsewhere on the body.

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