[47 Expressed Sequence Tag Database Screening for Identification of Human Genes

By Agnes Rotig, Arnold Munnich, and Pierre Rustin Introduction

Because the identification of human genes makes possible a better understanding of physiological and pathological processes, it represents one of the main goals of human geneticists. It has long been true that working at the bench was the only way to reach this goal, but more recently the enormous amount of data resulting from the human sequence project and the development of computing capabilities generates anthraquinone radical anion and an adjacent base radical cation.25'78'79 This radical cation then migrates through DNA until it is trapped by the 5'-guanine of a GG block to yield an 8-oxoguanine in the presence of O2/H2O. Subsequent hot piperidine treatment cleaves DNA at the oxidized guanine site and the resulting shorter DNA strands are analyzed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to compare GG cleavage efficiency with different distances. Long-range charge transfer can occur over distances of approximately 200 A.

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