Fig. 3. Effect of renal ischemia on chemokine and ICAM-1 expression. (A) Twenty micrograms of total RNA was applied in each lane for the Northern blot analysis of KC expression. Data from two independent animals at 2- and 6-hr time points are shown. A significantly lower level of KC mRNA expression was detected in kidneys of GPx 1 and GPxP mice in comparison with nontransgenic animals. For comparison, results of Northern analysis with ICAM-1-labeled probe, showing no difference between the same groups of animals, are also presented. As an internal control hybridization with /i-actin was performed. (B) Five micrograms of total RNA was used for an RNase protection assay with the mCK-5 multiprobe template set (PharMingen). A probe set not treated with RNase is shown on the right. Corresponding RNase-protected fragments are highlighted. S, Sham-operated animals, which were killed 6 hr after operation. [Reprinted with permission from N. Ishibashi, M. Weisbrot-Lefkowitz, K. Reuhl, M. Inouye, and O. Mirochnitchenko, J. Immunol. 163, 5666 (1999). Copyright © 1999 by The American Association of Immunologists.l

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