green fluorescent protein reporter detection, 333-334 infarct size determination, 334-336 overview of model, 325 silk occluder and releaser suture placement, 330-331 surgery, 325, 327-329 rationale, 322 vectors, 322-324 GFP, see Green fluorescent protein Glutathione assay in manganese superoxide dismutase transgenic mice, 405-406 mixed disulfides in oxidative stress, 102-103 protein labeling, see Biotinylated glutathione ethyl ester S-glutathiolation, see Protein kinase C Glutathione peroxidase antioxidant functions, 347 assay in brain, 394

transgenic mouse studies of chemokine response construction, 463-464 kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury and chemokine analysis immunostaining, 468-469 mouse model, 464 Northern blot analysis, 466 nuclear factor-fcB electrophoretic mobility shift assay, 470-471 nuclear run-on transcriptional assay, 474 polysome profile analysis, 474-475 prospects for study, 476 reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, 465 RNase protection assay, 466,468 Western blot of chemokines, 466, 469-470

Western blot of I-icB, 471, 473-474 protective mechanisms, 475-476 rationale for generation, 462-463 transgenic mouse studies of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury immunostaining, 349

Northern blot analysis of tissue distribution, 348-349

transgenic mouse generation, 347-348 Glutathione reductase, cysteine-sulfenic acid, 49 Green fluorescent protein

Caenorhabditis elegans oxidant stress-responsive gene reporters and applications, 497-499, 505 cyclic nucleotide-gated channel fusion protein expression and Northern blot, 216-217 metallothionein conformational change analysis using green fluorescent proteins fused at termini, 279 myocardial gene delivery reporter, 322-324, 333-334

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