the phosphate and base-protecting groups are removed with concentrated NH4OH at 55°.

Chemical functional groups can be introduced site specifically to oligodeoxynu-cleotides, using this phosphoramidite approach. This method allows for the incorporation of labeled nucleosides or nonnucleoside functionalities.13'15'29'39,42'61 The modified phosphoramidite should be sufficiently soluble in and stable to the solvents and reagents used during DNA synthesis. The chemical and physical properties of the probe should also not alter after attachment to the oligodeoxynucleotide. The three nucleotide components (base, 2'-deoxyribose, and phosphate) are all sites where chemical functionality can be introduced in an oligodeoxynucleotide.

61 K. M. Guckian, B. A. Schweitzer, R. X. F. Ren, C. J. Sheils, P. L. Paris, D. C. Tahmassebi, and E. T.


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