1. The answer is A. The combination can produce GI bleeding even in the presence ofproton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

2. The answer is D. Ketorolac has been shown to have opioid-sparing action when used for postoperative pain relief. However, it is not potent enough to be used as a sole analgesic after major surgery.

3. The answer is C. Methyl prednisolone acetate has high glucocorticoid and low mineralcorticoid activity. It is slowly absorbed from the site of injection and can lead to vascular occlusion, which is blamed for neurological damage following nerve root injections.

4. The answer is A. Gabapentin and pregabalin both have anticonvulsant properties and the latter has more bioavailability and hence the lower dose requirement. They block calcium entry into the cell, preventing the release of neurotransmitters.

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