Checklist of Non Verbal Indicators CNVI page 1 of

With Movement

At Rest

Vocal Complaints — nonverbal expression of pain demonstrated by moans, groans, grunts, cries, gasps, sighs}

Facial Grimaces and Winces - furrowed brow, narrowed eyes, tightened lips, dropped jaw, clenched teeth, distorted expression

Bracing - clutching or holding onto siderails, bed, tray table, or affected area dunnq movement

Restlessness - constant or intermittent shifting of position, rocking, intermittent or constant hand motions, inability to keep still

Rubbing — massaging affected area

Vocal complaints — verbal expression of pain using words, e.g., "ouch™ or "that hurts;" cursing during movement, or exclamations of protest, e.g., 'stop' or "that's enouqh "


Indications: Behavioral Health adults who are unable to validate the presence of or quantify the severity of pain using either the Numericai Rating Scale or the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale.

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