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Cluster headaches are also known as histamine headaches or migranous neuralgia. They commonly present as intense non-throbbing unilateral ocular pain associated with lacrimation

(secretion of tears), rhinorrhea (discharge of a nasal mucus), conjunctival injection (bloodshot eyes), and ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid). Diagnosis is based on symptoms. Cluster headaches are characterized by nightly recurrences usually occurring 1-2 h after falling asleep and are not associated with either aura or vomiting. These headaches recur with regularity for up to periods of 6-12 weeks, followed by symptom-free periods of months to years. Cluster headaches usually last for about 15-180 min. Same orbit is usually involved in recurring bouts. Cluster headaches are common in alcoholics, adolescents, and adult males.

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