Headaches Due to Meningeal Irritation

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These headaches are usually due to a meningeal infection or rupture of an aneurysm. Meningitis and subarachnoid hemorrhage are the most common causes. Diagnosis is based on the patient's symptoms and imaging such as a computed tomography (CT) or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The patient may present with asudden onset of intense, deep pain, often worse in the neck, and evolving in minutes to hours. The pain can be generalized, bioc-cipital, or bifrontal. The patient may present with neck stiffness and have positive Kernig and Brudzinkis signs. Kernig's sign is indicative of meningitis; the patient feels pain when the knee and hip are bent, and is therefore asked to extend both the knee and the hip simultaneously. Brudzinki's sign is also indicative of meningitis; in this case, the patient will involuntarily lift his/her legs when their head is lifted while remaining in the supine position.

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