Modern Devices

Currently, the pumps are made up of three sealed chambers: an electronic module and battery, a peristaltic pump and drug reservoir, and the last chamber contains an inert (stable)

gas. Medications are injected into the pump through the reservoir fill port and then through a valve to the reservoir. The inert gas inside the device pressurizes the reservoir and forces medication through a bacteria-retentive filter into the peristaltic pump. The pump delivers medication at a very slow rate through the catheter. An externally programmable microprocessor controls the medication delivery rate. It is capable of delivering multiple drugs in a mixture, as well as varying infusion rates and blousing over the course of the day (Medtronic 2008) (Fig. 13.36).

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Figure 13.36 The Medtronic Synchromed II Implantable Intrathecal delivery system. With permission from Medtronic Corporation, Minneapolis, MN.

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