Nurrnric Rating Seal [page i ofl

None Mild M odarate Severa

Indications Adults and children (» 9 years old) in all patient care sellings who are able to use numbers to rate the intensity ol their pain


l The patient is ashed any ore of the following questions

• What number would you give your pain right now?

■ What number on a Oto ID scale would you give your pain when it is the worst Itiat it gets and when it is the best that it gets'?

• At what number is the pain at an acceptable level for you?

2. When the explanation suggested in #1 above is not sufficient for the patient. K issometirres helpful to further explain or conceptualiie the Numeric Rating Scale in the fol lowing manner

• 1-3 = Mild Pain (nagging, annoying, interfering little with ADLs}

■ 4-6 = Moderate Pain (interferes significantly with ADLst B 7-10 - Severe Pain (disabling, unable to perform ADLs)

3 The interdisciplinary team in collaboration wdn tne patientifamily [if ap propria lej, can determine appropriate interventions in response to Numeric Pain Ratings

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