Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Intervention Overview

Occupational therapy evaluation and intervention is a complex procedure that begins with a physician's referral. An overview of the occupational therapy evaluation and intervention process is in the subsequent sections followed by more specific descriptions of treatment methods.

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Table 15.1 Common client diagnoses and examples of occupational therapy interventions.

Diagnostic category

Examples of common diagnoses

Intervention examples

Pain related to

Lateral/medial epicondylitis

Physical agent modalities

non-traumatic diagnoses

DeQuervain's tendonitis

Therapeutic exercise

Rotator cuff tendonitis

Nerve gliding exercises

Shoulder impingement syndrome

Manual techniques


• Trigger point release

Rheumatoid arthritis

• Deep tissue massage


• Transverse friction massage

Multiple sclerosis

Functional splinting

Peripheral nerve compression

• Elbow/wrist/hand orthotics

• Kinesiotaping

Work/activity modification and education

Body mechanics education

Relaxation techniques

Pain related to traumatic

Upper and lower extremity fractures

Wound care/scar management/ stump shaping

injuries or post-surgical

Joint dislocations

Edema management


Tendon lacerations

Manual techniques

Crush injuries

Physical agent modalities

Injection injuries


Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Therapeutic exercise


Sensory re-education/desensitization

Peripheral nerve lacerations

Client education/relaxation techniques

Rotator cuff tear

Functional activity

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