Other CoMorbidities

When evaluating a patient to find out whether he/she is an appropriate candidate for a functional restoration rehabilitative program, we need to determine if that patient is physically, mentally, and emotionally suited to participate. For example, the patient's cardiopulmonary status will affect the level/intensity of such treatment. If a patient presents with depressed mood or emotional distress, this will adversely affect the outcome of the rehabilitative program. Hence, it is vital in such a case scenario, especially when dealing with chronic pain, to obtain a psychological history. In many instances, this might require a referral to a pain psychologist for appropriate evaluation and treatment. Another example is a patient who presents for his physical therapy following a head on collision with bodily injury. In many such cases the ensuing traumatic brain injury is underdiagnosed but will come to attention when the patient presents with cognitive impairments and/or learning disabilities.

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