Essentials of Pain Management is a concise yet comprehensive evidence-based guide to what is now recognized as the "fifth vital sign." We wrote it to provide an in-depth review of clinical principles and procedures that stresses the multidisciplinar^, practical approach to pain management. With contributions from a cross section of pain experts, the book is designed to help the pain management professional in any specialty and at any stage of training to provide the most up-do-date, evidence-based care.

We cover a wide variety of topics including pharmacology, palliative medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, behavioral and interventional therapy, and pain management in pedi-atric and elderly populations. We also cover topics of importance to nurses and dentists. In addition, the book also contains the most up-do-date pain drug formulary for easy reference.

Another unique feature is a collection of multiple choice questions with detailed explanations, useful for chapter review and exam preparation. We also included practical case vignettes to follow each chapter. These vignettes illustrate specific pain management challenges and provide detailed sample solutions. The vignettes are a useful way to apply the knowledge obtained from reading the chapter to a real patient situation.

We would like the thank all of our contributors for their expertise, our colleagues and trainees for their inspiration, and our families for their patience and moral support. Whether you are a student or a practicing healthcare professional, we hope that you will find Essentials ofPain Management an indispensable guide to pain management.

Nalini Vadivelu, MD Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA Roberta L. Hines, MD

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