Injury due to fall is the most common cause of fracture-related morbidity in elderly population (Berry and Miller 2008, Gibson et al. 2008). Injuries may range from fracture of hip joint to intracranial hematomas. Medications used to treat these patients may significantly limit the activity of an elderly individual. Many elderly patients are already dependent on social support system for exercise and activity. Furthermore, Alzheimer and other cognitive disorders may cause low compliance to rehabilitation activities causing worsening pain and quality of life. This lack of activity increases chances of delayed healing, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism (Labropoulos et al. 2009, Yablon et al. 2004). The best way to avoid this situation is to involve elderly pain patients in healthy exercise activities, use proper pain medications for physiotherapy needs, and improve range of motion of joints with the help of physiatrists and rehabilitation teams.

All About Alzheimers

All About Alzheimers

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