Sympathomimetics Stimulants

Although the literature is limited by number of subjects, duration, and trial design, there is some evidence to support the use of methylphenidate (5-15 mg two to four times daily), donepezil (5-10 mg daily), and modafinil (200-400 mg daily) for the pharmacologic management of opioid-induced sedation and fatigue (Larijani et al. 2004, Reissig and Rybarczyk 2005). Potential adverse effects can include overstimulation (e.g., anxiety, insomnia, and even paranoia), appetite suppression, exacerbation of motor abnormalities (e.g., tics, dyskinetic movements), and confusion. Contraindications for stimulant use include glaucoma, poorly controlled hypertension, arrhythmias, and cardiovascular disorders, anorexia, seizure disorders, and hyperthyroidism. Methylphenidate is a schedule II medication under federal regulatory control; caution is advised in patients with current or preexisting substance use disorders, especially prior stimulant abuse (e.g., cocaine).

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