Transdermal Fentanyl Patch

Duragesic® 25 |xg/h, 50 |xg/h, 75 |xg/h, 100 |xg/h. Delivers a continuous dose per hour of fentanyl transcutaneously. Normally a patch is adequate for continuous dosing over 72 h. They require about 12-18 h to reach steady-state absorption, and 12 h to clear when patch is removed. Not affected by obesity or cachexia except in time elapsed to reach steady state. Heat (i.e., heating pads) or fever associated with peripheral vasodilation can significantly increase absorption rate. Approximately 60 mg/day of intravenous morphine or 180 mg/day of oral morphine will be equivalent to a 100 |ig/h fentanyl patch.

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