Which Means Of C7 In Pharmaceutical

C-5 oxetane-oxygen

C-12,13 epoxide oxygen

C-3' phenyl ring

C-17 thiazole ring

Scheme 10.30 • Alkylation of DNA by mitomycin C.

It was realized early on that the growth and proliferation of many tissues was under the control of the endocrine system, in which endocrine glands secreted hormones and that hormones or their antagonists were useful in controlling the overgrowth of these tissues. It was found later that other growth factors, many of which were secreted by nearby cells, were also involved in controlling the growth and proliferation of the target tissue and this became known as paracrine control. Many of these growth factors have been identified and several along with their receptors are indicated in Table 10.3.144

These receptors have become targets for several different monoclonal antibodies that have been recently introduced.

TABLE 10.3 Growth Factors and Receptors of Paracrine Origin

Growth Factor



Epidermal growth

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