Complement is a system of at least 20 separate proteins and cofactors that continuously circulate in the bloodstream. Complement acts to kill bacterial cells that are missed by the neutrophils and the macrophages. There are actually two separate complement pathways. One, the classical pathway, operates in the adaptive or acquired immune response. The classical pathway has an absolute requirement for an Ab-antigen complex as a trigger. The other, the alternative pathway, requires no Ab or antigen to initiate and is operative in innate immunity. Both pathways operate in a tightly regulated cascade fashion. The proteins normally circulate as inactive proenzymes. When the pathways are activated, the product of each step activates the subsequent step.

Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2

Diabetes is a disease that affects the way your body uses food. Normally, your body converts sugars, starches and other foods into a form of sugar called glucose. Your body uses glucose for fuel. The cells receive the glucose through the bloodstream. They then use insulin a hormone made by the pancreas to absorb the glucose, convert it into energy, and either use it or store it for later use. Learn more...

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