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Diaztriazoate Meglumine

Ethiodized Oil (Ethiodol). This product is a mixture of iodinated fatty acid ethyl esters of poppy-seed oil, primarily as ethyl monoiodostearate and ethyl diiodostearate. It contains 37% organically bound iodine, has considerably reduced viscosity when compared with the triiodobenzoic acid derivatives, and is not miscible with plasma. Ethiodol is indicated for use as a radiopaque medium for hysterosalpin-gography and lymphography.

Iodipamide Meglumine. Iodipamide is a water-soluble, ionic dimer that is administered as the meglumine salt in combination with diatrizoate meglumine as the commercial product, Sinografin. Iodipamide has 50% bound iodine content. Intravenous use was associated with significant adverse effects, and the product is now indicated solely for use in hysterosalpingography.


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