suppresses ACE activity for up to 12 hours, with 80% inhibition of the enzyme still observed after 24 hours.

Fosinopril Sodium. Fosinopril sodium, (4S)-4-cyclo-hexyl-1-[[[(RS)-1-hydroxy-2-methylpropoxy](4-phenyl-butyl)phosphinyl]acetyl]-l-proline sodium salt (Monopril), is a phosphorus-containing ACE inhibitor. It is inactive but serves as a prodrug, being completely hydrolyzed by intestinal and liver enzymes to the active diacid fosinoprilat.

Trandolapril. Trandolapril, 1-[2-(1-ethoxycarbonyl-3-phenylpropylamino)propionyl]octahydroindole-2-car-boxylic acid (Mavik), is an indole-containing ACE inhibitor that is structurally related to most of the preceding agents discussed. Enalapril is very similar to trandolapril, with the primary difference occurring in the heterocyclic systems. The pyrrolidine of enalapril has been replaced with an octahydroindole system. Much like enalaprilate, trandolapril must be hydrolyzed to tranolaprilate, which is the bioactive species.

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