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Genomics177 is a term that means "a study of genes and their functions." Currently, genomics is probably the central driving force for new drug discovery and for novel treatments for disease. Gene therapy is a concept that is often discussed. The human genome project, which was largely completed in the year 2000, provided over 4 billion bp of data that have been deposited in public databases. Sequencing the genome itself was an enormous task, but the correlation of genomic data with disease states, sites of microbial attachment, and drug receptor sites is still in its infancy. Once these problems are solved, genomic data will be used to diagnose and treat disease and to develop new drugs specifically for disease states (and possibly specific for a patient). Studying the genetics of biochemical pathways will provide an entry into enzyme-based therapies. There will undoubtedly be a host of new targets for drug therapy. Because deciphering the information that the genomic sequence provides is a complex undertaking, these benefits are probably going to occur years in the future.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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