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3. An anesthesiologist from the obstetric unit calls to request stat delivery of 20% intralipid to treat an inadvertent intravascular injection of bupivacaine. The patient is in cardiac arrest. Why is the anesthesiologist requesting intralipid?

4. TG, a 45-year-old male woodworker, presents to the ER with an injured index finger. While cleaning a circular saw blade, he accidentally severed the tip (fleshy part, no bone) of his finger. The ER resident calls to request lido-caine 2% with epinephrine 1:200,000 to decrease the pain associated with suturing. You suggest an alternate. Why did you NOT fill the original requested anesthetic?

5. JF, a patient with a severe allergic reaction to 2-chloropro-caine, is having plastic surgery to remove three moles from her face. The physician calls to request your input in choosing a local anesthetic. The plastic surgeon has the five drugs shown at the bottom of this page available in his clinic. Which drug would you recommend that he use?

6. While working as a pharmacy intern at a retail pharmacy, a woman carrying an infant asks you to ring up three tubes of Maximum Strength Vagisil Creme. In conversation with her, you find out that she has been treating her 2-month-old daughter's painful, excoriated diaper rash with the cream for the last week. She claims to have received the advice on a mothers' chat room on the Internet. You observe that her 2-month-old daughter has bluish lips and very pale translucent skin that also has a bluish tint. You immediately advise her to take her daughter to the emergency room. Why?

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