Gadoversetamide (OptiMARK). Gadoversetamide a nonionic clear, colorless to slightly yellow, gadolinium-based contrast agent indicated to visualize lesions with abnormal vascularity of the CNS or liver. It is a hypertonic solution with an osmolality of 3.9 times that of plasma. The primary clinical effect is on T1 relaxation time.

Mangafodipir Trisodium (Teslascan). Mangafodipir trisodium is a clear bright to dark yellow chelate of paramagnetic manganese for intravenous administration. Manganese is distributed to the liver and pancreas and shortens the T1-weighted relaxation time. It is indicated to detect metastatic lesions of the liver, focal pancreatic lesions, and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep

A Guide to Natural Sleep Remedies. Many of us experience the occasional night of sleeplessness without any consequences. It is when the occasional night here and there becomes a pattern of several nights in arow that you are faced with a sleeping problem. Repeated loss of sleep affects all areas of your life The physical, the mental, and theemotional. Sleep deprivation can affect your overall daily performance and may even havean effecton your personality.

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