Paser PDA

Pataday 130m

Patanase 88b

Patanol 130m

Paullinia cupana


Pausinystalia yohimbe 109b

Pavulon D

Paxil 137b

Paxil CR 137b

PCO 106b

PediaCare Infants' Decongestant

Drops 86m

Pedialyte and

Pedialyte 79m

Pediapred 69m pediarix 111t

Pediatrix 11m pediazole 29b

Pediotic 86b

PedvaxHIB 110m

Peganone PDA

pegaptanib D

pegaspargase 129b

Pegasys 24b pegfilgrastim... 102b peginterferon alfa-2A 24b peginterferon alfa-2B 24b

PEG-Intron 24b

Peg-Lyte 96m pegvisomant D

pemetrexed 129t pemirolast 130b

Penbritin 31t penbutolol D

penciclovir 63t penicillamine D

penicillin G 30t penicillin V 30m penicillins 31b

Penlac 60b

Pentam 17b pentamidine




Pentasa 98t pentazocine...6m, 7t 10m pentetate indium

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