Figure 4 Rates of photopolymerization of acrylamide (0.125 M) as a function of pH for frusemide (0.12 mM) at 3Cf'C: ( O-O ) in cetrimide (0.01 M); ( □-□ ) in sodium dodecyl sulphate (0.05 M).

Using sodium dodecyl sulphate as surfactant suppressed the ionization of frusemide such that the apparent pKa became close to 6 as shown for the photosensitized polymerization of acrylamide in Figure 4.6

Flash photolysis studies on frusemide (unpublished observations) revealed a strong triplet state formation from the neutral molecule in aqueous solution as well as methanol, connecting with the efficient generation of singlet oxygen in aerated solutions. Degradation would thus appear to occur from the triplet state of frusemide.

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