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Menstrual Irregularities and Bipolar Disorder

Several studies have suggested that women with BD may have more menstrual cycle irregularities than women in the general population. It has been hypothesized that such irregularities are due to endocrinological disorders, specifically polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or due to HPA dysfunction, both of which could be associated with IR and metabolic dysfunction. PCOS is one of the most common endocrine disorders occurring in reproductive-aged endocrine disorder with an estimated prevalence of between 4 and 6 38 . It is characterized by chronic anovulation and hyperandrogenism 39 . Chronic ano-vulation can lead to menstrual abnormalities and infertility. Hyperandrogenism can manifest as hirsutism (excess hair growth on the face), acne, and male-pattern balding. Metabolic consequences of PCOS include obesity and IR, which may lead to type-2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease (CVD) 39-42 , and underscores the relationship between reproductive abnormalities and IR in women....

Mood Stabilizers and Impact on Insulin Resistance in Women with Bipolar Disorder

Women with BD are often treated with psychotropic agents, including mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics, and antidepressants, whose effects on reproductive function and IR are not fully understood. Medications may impact weight and endocrine abnormalities in a variety of ways that contribute to IR. For example, it has been theorized that valproate can influence the development of menstrual abnormalities by decreasing estrogen levels, increasing luteinizing hormone and increasing testosterone 54 . The increase in testosterone can lead to an arrest in maturation of ovarian follicles, leading to the development of polycystic ovaries. Additionally, valproate may cause an increase in leptin resulting in increased body weight 54 , or lead to glucose-stimulated insulin secretion by pancreatic cells 55 . Weight gain itself, not specific to valproate use, may lead to menstrual abnormalities or IR. In our studies, we demonstrated a correlation between BMI and both testosterone and insulin...

Role of Hippocampus and Amygdala in Glucocorticoid Negative Feedback

There are several types of inherited enzymatic defects in Cortisol synthesis which result in congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), also known as the adrenogenital syndrome (Orth et al., 1992). By far the most common form is due to a deficiency of P-45021 (21hydroxylase see Figure 4). Excessive androgen secretion results from a failure of glucocorticoid negative feedback and consequent high ACTH secretion. High androgen levels may lead to virilization of females in utero. About two-thirds of patients also have mineralocorticoid deficiency resulting in salt wasting. If not obvious during the neonatal period, androgen excess may appear in early infancy, resulting in sexual precocity in boys and clitoral enlargement and pubic hair growth in girls. Excess androgen accelerates linear growth and epiphyseal closure leading ultimately to diminished adult height. In adult women with untreated CAH, reproductive function is impaired due to (1) disturbance of normal menstrual cycles as a...

Implications of Estrogens in Human Breast Carcinogenesis

Lapse-free survival of human breast cancer patients 78 reiterates the importance of estrone sulfatase-mediated local production of estrogen in the development and progression of human breast cancer. However, it is still unclear whether estrogens are carcinogenic to the human breast. Most of the current understanding of carcinogenicity of estrogens is based on studies in experimental animal systems and clinical observations of a greater risk of endome-trial hyperplasia and neoplasia associated with estrogen supplementation or polycystic ovarian syndrome 19-21 .


Women with bipolar disorder (BD) may have unique risk factors for insulin resistance (IR). Specific periods in a woman's reproductive timeline, specifically pregnancy and after the menopause, may represent times of increased IR. Moreover, women with BD demonstrate higher rates of obesity compared to men with BD, suggesting a sex-specific vulnerability to metabolic sequelae in BD. Additional contributors to metabolic sequelae, such as psychotropic medication, dysregulation of the hypotha-lamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and genetic influences common in BD, may also manifest differently between the sexes. Several studies have suggested that women with BD may have more menstrual cycle irregularities than women in the general population. It has been hypothesized that such irregularities may be due to endocrinological disorders, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or to hypo-thalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction, both of which are also be associated with IR. Women treated with valproate...


Goldman et al. 190 produced male PH in rats with inhibitors of steroid 17a-hydroxylase and C17-20 lyase. Developmental alterations can also be obtained from in utero treatment with drugs that inhibit 5a-reductase, which is not a P450 enzyme, blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT 191,192 . The antifungal imidazole derivative, ketoconazole, inhibits various enzymes which belong to the cytochrome-P450-dependent mono-oxygenases in rodents and humans such as side chain cleavage of cholesterol, 11 -hydroxylase in the adrenal, and 17a-hydroxylase and C17-20 lyase in rat and human testes. For example, human testicular mono-oxygenase activities in vitro are reduced by 50 by 3.1 imol l ketoconazole. Schurmeyer and Nieschlag 193 demonstrated that ketoconazole and other imidazole fungicides inhibited testosterone production in males, while Pepper et al. 194 reported that ketoconazole was useful in the treatment of ovarian hyperandrogenism in women. Ketoconazole also has been shown to...


Women with BD may be at risk for insulin resistance even prior to mood stabilizer initiation, and may also be susceptible to additional risks with certain mood stabilizers as weight gain associated with intake of these agents may further increase risk of insulin resistance. Mood stabilizing drugs confer variable metabolic risks. Valproate in particular has been implicated in development of IR as a component of PCOS. Valproate, lithium, and CBZ may cause weight gain, which can cause or worsen insulin resistance. Hypothyroidism, a side effect of lithium, may also be associated with weight gain and again is more prominent in women with BD than men. Many of the second-generation antipsychotics, including olanzapine, risperidone, and quetiapine, have been implicated in weight gain, and glucose and lipid abnormalities independent of weight gain.

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