Molecular formula

The molecular formula of CT-2103 is a distribution since the a-poly-(L)-glutamic acid degree of polymerization and the number of conjugation sites with paclitaxel are variable. A generalized molecular formula is shown.

N is the number of paclitaxel groups conjugated to the a-acid backbone, and m + n is the number of glutamic acid monomer units other than the N-terminus and the C-terminus. The ratio of m to n varies from 8.3 to 13.2. Because paclitaxel is the active molecule in CT-2103, it avoids confusion to consider the conjugate in terms of conjugated paclitaxel, i.e. the actual amount of paclitaxel contained within a dose of CT-2103.

2.2.3 Physical form

White to off-white powder

2.2.4 Solubility






0.1M HCl 0.1M NaOH

0 0

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