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The CTerminal Latch Model

As mentioned above, the footprint of the receptor is larger than its foot size. The C-terminal latch hypothesis assumes that the receptor screens the contacts sites and when properly positioned activates the latch, which is the C-terminal end of Ga 21 , Thus, this model builds on and extends the sequential fit model 22, 23 . The interaction between receptor and cognate G protein(s) can be divided into two steps (1) a docking process and (2) an activation process. During docking, the receptor encounters GPy, and the consecutive interaction with Ga is responsible for GDP release. A crucial finding in support of this model is the fact that binding of Gy decreases binding of Ga in a dose-dependent manner and vice versa according to the sequential fit model, GPy is crucial for a primarily receptor-G protein interaction but dispensable for GDP release 23 . This model accounts for several observations (1) the receptor may not only discriminate between Ga subunits in the heterotrimer but may...

Factors Influencing Enzyme Activity

The present chapter focuses on the aforementioned chemical and physical factors as well as the kinetic approaches used to characterize their impact on catalysis, with the exception of inhibitor effects (see Chapter 8) and regulatory effects (see Chapter 11). Also considered here are the kinetic behavior of crystalline enzymes, kinetic proofreading, as well as the effects of site-directed mutation on enzyme structure, stability, and catalysis. Other practical issues about enzyme purity and stability, as well as the use of metals and buffers in enzyme rate experiments, are described in Chapter 4.

Replication Of Mitochondrial

The most highly purified preparations suggested that it exists of a holoenzyme of 125-140 kDa, and it may be associated with a smaller subunit (35-54 kDa) to which the function of a 3' to 5' exonuclease and proofreading enzyme had been attributed. When pol y genes were cloned (e.g., MIP1 from S. cerevisiae), a 140-kDa polypep-tide was found to include both polymerase and exonuclease domains with recognizable homology to prokaryotic, A-type DNA polymerases, for example, E. coli DNA polymerase I. The cloning ofX. laevis and D. melanogaster pol y genes confirmed the conclusion that the polymerization and 3' to 5' exonuclease functions are combined in one polypeptide 117 . The role of the smaller subunit and other accessory factors needed for replication remains to be clarified.

On Viruses And Viral Diseases

Is estimated that the average mutation rate of RNA viruses is one mutation per genome per replication.3 That mutation rate (which is close to the catastrophe limit) reflects the absence of proofreading capability of the viral reverse transcriptase enzyme. In comparison, the mutation rate of DNA viruses is only one mutation per genome per 1000 replications because these viruses utilize the DNA polymerase enzyme of the host cell that does have proofreading capability. The genome of DNA viruses is often more than 10 times larger than the genome of RNA viruses. Consequently, DNA viruses evolve much more slowly than RNA viruses.

Zidovudine Retrovir

Currently AZT is mainly used in combination with other antiretroviral drugs to avoid the emergence of resistant strains.3 HIV replicates rapidly and lacks the proofreading enzymes that normally correct errors in the copying of DNA. Consequently, resistance toward AZT develops as a result of mutations in the reverse transcriptase. The combination of AZT with lamivudine (Combivir , GSK) or with abacavir and lamivudine (Trizivir , GSK)4 suppresses the replication of HIV by an order of magnitude more than the individual drugs.

[43 Detection of DNA Base Mismatches Using DNA Intercalators

The most prevalent mechanisms leading to mutations in DNA are direct mis-incorporation of bases during replication and sustained chemical damage. Under normal circumstances, the cell corrects these problems using DNA polymerase proofreading mechanisms as well as the complex repair machinery of the cell. In certain tissues that contain mismatch repair deficiencies, DNA mispairs may accumulate.15 Even in healthy cells, however, mismatches and lesions can sometimes go unchecked, resulting in permanent alterations in the gene sequence for subsequent generations. Identification of genetic variations (single-nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs) among individuals and populations has implications in understanding human disease and treatment, as well as the interaction of the environment and multiple genes during evolution.6 Once these SNPs are identified and understood, rapid and reliable detection of them will be critical for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of genetically linked disease.

Personal Foreword

Doris Dallinger for carefully proofreading the complete manuscript, and to Jenny Whedbee for providing the cover art. We are very grateful to Frank Weinreich and his colleagues at Wiley-VCH for their assistance during the preparation of the manuscript and for the preparation of the finished book.


I wish to thank all my colleagues and students, past and present, whose help enabled this second edition of my book to be written. In particular I would like to rethank all those who helped me with the first edition. I would like particularly to thank the following for their help with the second edition Dr L. Banting Dr J. Brown for once again acting as my living pharmacology dictionary Dr P. Cox for his advice on molecular modelling Dr J. Gray for proofreading the sections on monoclonal antibodies Dr P. Howard for bringing me up to date with advances in combinatorial chemistry and allowing me to use his lecture notes Dr Tim Mason, Mr A. Barrow and Dr D. Brimage Dr A. Sautreau for proofreading and correcting Chapter 6 Robin Usher and his colleagues at Mobile Library Link One for their help in obtaining research papers Dr. G. White and Professor D. Thurston for his support. My thanks are also due to Dr J. Fetzer of Tecan Deutschland GmbH, Crailsheim, Germany for the pictures of the...

Protein Turnover

There is a large amount of evidence for rapid, and sometimes selective, post-translational degradation of unassembled or damaged thylakoid-membrane proteins. These post-translational events may be important in determining the level to which thylakoid proteins accumulate, and perhaps function as a proofreading mechanism to ensure that mis-assembled complexes do not accumulate. In PS II, the turn-over rate of the D1 protein is significantly faster than other protein components (Mattoo et al., 1984). Similar behavior has been reported for the cytochrome b6f complex, where turn-over of cytochrome b6 is slower than other components of the complex (Bruce and Malkin, 1991). These results appear to demonstrate that individual protein components can be selectively degraded, resynthesized and reinserted into the complex. In PS II, selective degradation and resynthesis of D1 (Chapter 2) is important because it becomes damaged by oxygen radicals produced during electron transfer, especially under...

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