Cell Cell Junctions Endothelia Epithelia

The FP4 motif containing proteins zyxin, vinculin, migfilin and Fatl colocalizes with Ena/VASP proteins at cell-cell junctions (Geiger 1979; Crawford and Beckerle 1991; Vasioukhin et al. 2000; Moeller et al. 2004; Tanoue and Takeichi 2004; Gkretsi et al. 2005). E-cadherin homophilic ligation is necessary to recruit Ena/VASP to cell-cell adhesions (Scott et al. 2006). Importantly, actin assembly at cell-cell contacts requires Ena/VASP activity (Baum and Perrimon 2001; Scott et al. 2006). Genetic evidence suggests that Ena and the tyrosine kinase Abl negatively regulate each other in the embryonic nervous system and during epithelial morphogenesis of Drosophila (Gertler et al. 1990, 1995; Baum and Perrimon 2001; Grevengoed et al. 2001). Furthermore, Ena genetically interacts with the adherens junction protein Armadillo (the Drosophila beta-catenin ortholog) during epithelial morphogenesis (Grevengoed et al. 2001). Taken together, this indicates that Ena/VASP proteins play an important role in epithelial cell-cell contact formation.

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