Part I Organization of Scaffolds

A-Kinase Anchoring Proteins as the Basis for cAMP Signaling 3

Arrestins as Multi-Functional Signaling Adaptors 15

V.V. Gurevich, E.V. Gurevich, and W.M. Cleghorn

Role of Ena/VASP Proteins in Homeostasisand Disease 39

G. Pula and M. Krause

Scaffold/Matrix Attachment Regions (S/MARs):

Relevance for Disease and Therapy 67

Clathrin/AP-2-Dependent Endocytosis:

A Novel Playground for the Pharmacological Toolbox? 105

C. Rodemer and V. Haucke

Part II Scaffolding Proteins and Cellular Signalling PDE4 Associates with Different Scaffolding

Proteins: Modulating Interactions as Treatment for Certain Diseases . . . 125

G-Protein-Coupled Receptor-Signaling Components in Membrane

Raft and Caveolae Microdomains 167

Protein Scaffolds, Lipid Domains and Substrate Recognition in Protein Kinase C Function. Implications for Rational Drug Design 185

J.W. Walker

Compartmentalised MAPK Pathways 205

Dynamic Protein Complexes Regulate NF-kB Signaling 237

E. Wegener and D. Krappmann

An Oncogenic Hub: ß-Catenin as a Molecular Target for Cancer Therapeutics 261

A Toolkit for Real-Time Detection of cAMP:

Insights into Compartmentalized Signaling 285

M. Berrera, G. Dodoni, S. Monterisi, V. Pertegato, I. Zamparo, and M. Zaccolo

Part III Cell Type-Specific Anchoring

Scaffolding Proteins in Cardiac Myocytes 301

Molecular Architecture of Signal Complexes

Regulating Immune Cell Function 327

Scaffolding Proteins at the Postsynaptic Density:Shank as the Architectural Framework 365

H.J. Kreienkamp

Part IV Interference with Protein-Protein Interaction Sites as a New Pharmacological Concept

Domains Mediate Protein-Protein Interactions and Nucleate Protein Assemblies 383

S. Costa and G. Cesareni

Proline-Rich Sequence Recognition Domains (PRD):

Ligands, Function and Inhibition 407

Chemical Inhibition Through Conformational Stabilization of Rho GTPase Effectors 431

S.W. Deacon and J.R. Peterson

Pharmacological Interference with Protein-Protein Interactions Mediated by Coiled-Coil Motifs 461

H.M. Strauss and S. Keller

Direct AKAP-Mediated Protein-Protein Interactions as Potential Drug Targets 483

C. Hundsrucker and E. Klussmann

Index 505

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