Interaction Sites Within the a2Appendage Domain

The P2 appendage domain binds to a subset of proteins that also interact with the a-append-age domain, such as AP180/ CALM, epsins, Dab2, and eps15. The latter harbors DP[FW] motifs that target the platform subdomain of AP-2P-appendages. Eps 15 and its close cousin eps15R, in addition, are capable of binding to the p2 sandwich using a non-conventional [FL]xxGFxDF or [FL](x)nGFxDF (n>3) peptide sequence.

The cargo-specific adaptors ARH and p - arrestins (see also below) associate with the platform subdomain of p2-appendages via a helical motif with the consensus [ED]xxFxx[FL]xxxR (Table 1) (Edeling et al. 2006a; Praefcke et al. 2004).

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