Interaction Sites Within the aAppendage Domain

The a-appendage domain serves as a major interaction hub for various accessory proteins. The platform subdomain can bind to eps15, epsins, and Dab2 via DP[FW] motifs. It also interacts with amphiphysin, AP180, and synaptojanin 1-SJ170 via FxDxF sequences that bind to an overlapping site within the platform subdomain. The sandwich subdomain of a-ears bears associates with synaptojaninl (Jha et al. 2004), stonin2 (Walther et al. 2004), AAK1 and NECAP1/2 (Ritter et al. 2003) by association with WXX[FW]x[DE] consensus motifs (Table 1) (Praefcke et al. 2004).

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