Phagocytosis is an essential component of the immune response in which phagocytes recognise and engulf foreign material. Opsonisation of foreign particles by immunoglobulins enables the recognition by Fc-receptors (Allen and Aderem 1996). This leads to an activation of Fc-receptors and the recruitment of a complex similar to the complex found downstream of the T-cell receptor: Slp-76, Fyb/SLAP/ADAP, Ena/VASP, Nck and WASP (Coppolino et al. 2001; Niedergang and Chavrier 2004). Subsequently, actin polymerisation and engulfment of the particle are induced. Importantly, inhibition of the recruitment of Ena/VASP proteins led to an impairment in actin polymerisation and phagocytosis of opsonised sheep red blood cells (Coppolino et al. 2001).

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