Similar Expression to FGF

Similar expression to FGF (Sef) is a transmembrane protein, whose expression is under the control of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) (Furthauer et al. 2002). Sef captures active MEK/ERK complexes at the Golgi (Fig. 5), promoting ERK activation (Torii et al. 2004). Like ß-arrestin, Sef prevents translocation of ERK to the nucleus, thereby restricting signalling to cytosolic substrates (Torii et al. 2004). Because of the distinct roles of MAPK signalling from the Golgi, Sef is likely to influence the cellular response to MAPK activation. Indeed, expression of Sef in PC12 cells prevents FGF and NGF-dependant differentiation (Xiong et al. 2003).

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