Chronic Disappointment Reaction Synonyms

Demoralization syndrome Definition

A syndrome involving lowered or dysphoric mood that occurs in response to a perceived unpleasant situation or set of experiences that is repetitive or enduring. The offending experience typically represents an assault on the individual's self-concept or self-esteem. The person experiencing a chronic disappointment reaction may feel overmatched by the circumstances and may feel helpless and/or hopeless in terms of prospects for improving the situation. Such a person may engage in any of a number of attitudes or behaviors to protect his or her feeling state from further adverse impact - such as avoidance, disinterest, or psychosocial withdrawal. The person having the chronic disappointment reaction may or may not be fully aware of, or fully able to explain, the issue or issues to which the reaction is in response. A chronic disappointment reaction can continue with an open-ended duration.

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