Following oral ingestion with or without food, atomox-etine is rapidly absorbed with peak plasma levels occurring at approximately 1-1.5 h (Sauer et al. 2005). With regular dosing, steady-state concentrations are obtained by day 10, with trough plasma concentrations of ~30-40°ng/mL. The metabolism of atomoxetine is dependent primarily on the hepatic ► cytochrome P450 (CP450) system, which is highly polymorphic such that individuals can be classified into extensive metabolizers (EMs) or poor metabolizers (PMs) (Trzepacz et al. 2008). The majority of people (>90%) are EMs, while rarer PM individuals or individuals taking enzyme inhibitor medications, show fivefold greater peak plasma concentration and slower ► half-life elimination. Following a single oral dose, EMs exhibit an atomoxetine half-life of ~5.2 h with plasma clearance of ~0.35 L/h/kg, while PMs exhibit half-life of ~21.6 h and clearance of ~0.3 L/h/kg.

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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