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State Dependence of Memory

Francis C. Colpaert SCEA-CBC, Puylaurens, France


Dissociated learning; State-dependent learning Definition

Traditionally, state dependence is said to occur when an organism remembers better when it is in a state similar to the one in which it learned what is to be remembered than when it is in a different state. While this observation remains essential, progress indicates that the phenomenon of state dependence is not necessarily related or limited to the ability to learn per se in a particular state. Dependence on state occurs with memory processes other than learning as the latter is conventionally understood and may determine what is remembered and when; beyond conscious cognition, it also concerns such functions as emotion, mood, and motor behavior. Thus, the term "state dependence of memory,'' refers to an attribute of the ability to remember and act upon past experience, which is broader than that implied by "state-dependent learning.''

Impact of Psychoactive Drugs

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