[email protected] A. Leslie Morrow

Department of Psychiatry and Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies

University of North Carolina School of Medicine 3027 Thurston-Bowles Bldg, CB#7178 Chapel Hill NC 27599-7178 USA

[email protected]

Johannes Mosbacher Research & Development Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd Gewerbestrasse 16 Allschwil CH-4123 Switzerland

[email protected] Darrell D. Mousseau

Cell Signalling Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK Canada

[email protected]

Ronald F. Mucha Department of Psychology University of Wurzburg Marcusstr. 9-11 Wurzburg Bavaria 97070 Germany

[email protected] Thomas Mueggler

Institute for Biomedical Engineering University of Zurich and ETH Zurich Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse, 10 Zurich 8093 Switzerland

[email protected]

Karim Nader McGill University

Dawson Hall, 853 Sherbrooke Street West

Montreal, QC


[email protected] Sunila G. Nair

Behavioral Neuroscience Branch, NIDA/IRP National Institutes of Health 251 Bayview Blvd, Suite 200 Baltimore, MD 21224 USA

[email protected] Susan Napier

Department of Medicinal Chemistry Schering-Plough Corporation Newhouse, Lanarkshire UK

[email protected] S. Stevens Negus

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Virginia Commonwealth University

410 North 12th Street

Richmond, VA 23298-0613

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