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In addition to its proven efficacy in PMDD, paroxetine (20 mg/day) was shown to be effective in the treatment of postmenopausal hot flashes in breast cancer survivors with chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure in two open trials (Stearns et al. 2000; Weitzner et al. 2002); for a review, see

Bordeleau et al. 2007) and in a double-blind study (Stearns et al. 2005). Paroxetine CR (25 mg/day) was subsequently found to be efficacious in treating perimenopausal hot flashes in a placebo-controlled trial (Stearns et al. 2003). The drug's usefulness in this setting is underscored by recent concerns about the safety of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), hitherto the treatment of choice (H. D. Nelson et al. 2002). For clinicians and patients concerned about the long-term consequences of estrogen replacement in treating hot flashes, paroxetine provides a reasonable alternative.

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