Evidence that NSAIDs Protect Against Cancer

"An aspirin a day may keep cancer away." Cancer prevention entered a new era with the observation that subjects using NSAIDs had lower incidence of colorectal cancer (Kune, Kune, & Watson, 1988). Over 30 epide-miological studies, collectively describing results on more than 1 million subjects, have established NSAIDs as the prototypical chemopreventive agents against many forms of cancer. In particular, three well-designed randomized, double-blind trials of aspirin as a chemopreventive agent against colorectal adenomas established its chemopreventive effect (Baron et al., 2003; Benamouzig et al., 2003; Sandler et al., 2003). While this work provided a much-needed proof of principle, it also made it clear that aspirin may not be optimal for cancer prevention because of its shortcomings in safety and efficacy. All studies to date strongly suggest that NSAIDs reduce the incidence of and mortality from colon cancer by about half (Wallace & Del Soldato, 2003). The use of NSAIDs is limited by their significant toxicity, which includes (1) gastrointestinal (GI) side effects, which range from dyspepsia to GI bleeding, obstruction, and perforation; (2) renal side effects; and (3) a large number of additional side effects, some of which are serious, ranging from hypersensitivity reactions to the distinct salicylate intoxication. Among patients using NSAIDs, up to 4% per year suffer serious GI complications and more than 8,000 deaths (Bjorkman, 1999). The gastric damage is caused through two mechanisms: (1) direct epithelial damage as a result of their acidic properties and (2) breakdown of mucosal defense mechanisms (leukocyte adherence, decreases in blood flow, and bicarbonate and mucus secretions) due to a reduction of mucosal prostaglandin (PG) synthesis (Wallace, 2008).

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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