Cannabidiol, G.8,G.8a Capsular polysaccharide, 85

- Neisseria meningitidis, A.14,A.15, A.20,A.20a,A.23

- Haemophilus influenzae, A.24 Carbohydrate-protein mixtures, 35,36 Carbohydrates, 35,36,71,110,A.1-A.27

- anhydrohexose, A.6

- deoxyhexose, A.10

- hexosamine, A.12

- N-acetylneuraminic acid, A.23,A.27

- pentose, A.11,A.24 Carbon disulphide, 29 Carbowax 20M, H.4 Carragheenan, A.5 Catalysts, 15 Catalytic reactions, 31 Cataractous eye-lens tissue, 84 Cattle food, 90

Cells, 9,29

Cell identification, 5,84 Cell wall composition, 86

Ceruloplasmin, B.13

Channel electron multiplier arrays, 6

Char, 22,37,41,49,96

Characteristicity, 59,60

Chemical ionisation mass spectrometry,

Chemical interpretation, 11,68

Chi-squared coefficients, 62

- algorithm, 63

Chitin, 17,18,86,A.13,A.13a Chitosan, A.12,A.12a Cholesterol, 49,D.9 Choline, 10,25,26,71, D12, D12a Chondroitin sulphate, A.17-A.18a Chromic acid, 31

Clinical detection and diagnosis, 85 Coal, 5,27,29,49,70,95,96

- bituminous, 12,96

- conversion behavior, 27

- high volatile bituminous, F.17-F.20

- medium volatile bituminous, F.21

- subbituminous, 12,93 Coating techniques, 29-33 Coatings, 77

Coffee rust, 86,87 Collagen, 68,B.12

Collisional induced dissociation, 11, 14,19

Computer-assisted chemical interpretation, 68

Computer-assisted quantitative analysis, 70

Computerised data processing, 7,46,55 Computerised mass analysis, 43,46 Condensation, 24,37,39,44,52 Connective tissue, 4 Contaminants (detection of), 86 Contamination of ion-source, 37,39,40 Coorongite, F.8 Cork, E.12 Cotton, E.l Cresol, 21,35

Curie-point pyrolysis mass spectrometry,

- automated, 44

- technique, 29

Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), G.9 Cysteine, 21,69 Cytochrome C, B.9

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